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Here at Tony's Bakery we really know about bread. Making it by hand every day since 1886, using fresh yeast, flour, salt and water, just as we always have. Every loaf for sale is made and baked that morning ensuring complete freshness for our customers.

Our daily bread

Our white bread is soft inside but with a genuine crust that you struggle to find in supermarkets today. Indeed, a significant proportion of our customers request we bake their loaves slightly longer than the rest because they love a crust so much! We also offer a wholemeal and a and malty granary loaf. Again, these are made on site daily, and are largely responsible for the wonderful bakery smell that the corner of Peel Street is treated to each morning!

Small Batch

Harvest Festival wheatsheaf

White Tin

Soft Baps

Perfect for BBQs-- including a dozen cheese-top baps at the top!

Prefer bread rolls for your sandwiches? Every morning we bake finger rolls, crusty rolls, baps, and cottage cobs. Further, with notice, we can make rolls in a size to suit you. Whether it be half size (bridge rolls or soup rolls, or maybe for a children's birthday party), or larger rolls, 1.5 or 2 times larger than standard, for barbeques, hog roasts or parties.

Soft Rolls

Ideal for lunch

Something extra...

With a little notice, we can make you speciality bread to order!

We can make olive bread, mixed herb bread, sun dried tomato bread, or ciabatta, all made with extra virgin olive oil for a wonderfully soft texture. As with all our bread, these can be frozen beautifully.We also make a crusty, tangy, athentic delicious sour dough, perfect as a starter for dinner parties! Or how about Walnut bread, that goes wonderfully with a soft cheese. We can also make Soda bread or a super seeded wheatmeal!

Furthermore, a few of our customers order speciality bread that we freeze for them after baking, at their request and can be picked up from us at their convenience: if this interests you then please get in touch! This is because we are unable to make speciality bread daily (as opposed to white, granary and wholemeal that are made and available every day) because of economies of scale and time constraints.

Authentic Sourdough batches

Small granary; white fluted; white tin

White Farmhouse