At Tony's, we like to offer you a good old fashioned cake. We are famous for our lovely lardy cakes and pineapple creams, but we also have proper jam doughnuts, Bakewell tarts, cream and custard slices and doughnuts, apple turnovers, eclairs, Eccles cakes, custard tarts and macaroons, to name just a few! We can fill your doughnuts, slices. buns,eclairs and turnovers with delicious dairy cream or confectioners cream. The (very difficult!) choice is yours....

Our world famous lardy cakes! We are not joking when we say "world famous." Our lardy cakes have been enjoyed as far away as America, Australia and the Middle East!

Cream slices

Apple turnovers

Mince pies

Egg custard tarts

Cream buns

Eccles cakes


Cream doughnuts

Chocolate ecclairs

Custard slices

Jam sponge puddings

Toffee muffins

Fruit bun loaves

Farmhouse Fruitcakes

Bread and Butter Puddings

Traditional jam doughnuts, Bakewell tarts, & Pineapple creams